Tuesday, December 7, 2010

today, I started a blog.

Well hello,

It's been over 2 years since I've blogged -- and that was via MySpace. If you're reading, thanks. :)

Since I last blogged, I have gotten married, graduated college, started working full-time as a nurse, and joined my husband's band. Lots to talk about, and lots going on.

For now, I will encourage you to take a listen to our music and tell your friends. My husband, Tony Memmel, is incredible. He was born missing his left forearm, but his love of music fueled his personal challenge to teach himself how to play guitar. What?! Yes. Guitar. And he is excellent. Since picking up the guitar at age 14, now 11 years later, Tony has hosted on open mic at a university, gone on 3 national tours, and released 3 full-length albums of original music -- 2 of which are with a full band! Yeah! That's where I come in. :) Tony and I started doing Simon & Garfunkel and Iron & Wine covers at the UW-Oshkosh open mic in 2007. That led to forming a 3-piece band which now tours locally and regionally. Tony tours nationally as a solo act, and when I'm not working, I go along for weeks at time as part pianist/vocalist, part merch girl. And I love it.

And you will love it, too! Please do yourself a favor and mosey on over to Tony's website: http://www.tonymemmel.com and read his blog: http://tonymemmel.blogspot.com
*Listen to the music and get familiar with his story. It's one that you're going to want to follow from here on out.
*Pick up the album(s)!
-"Here We Go" (2010) -- just released this October, and already receiving excellent reviews.
-"Potter Road" (2009) -- released last year, Tony's first full band album is awesome.
-"The Tale of an Underdog" (2008) -- Tony's first full length album of solo acoustic singer-
songwriter material.
*Tell your friends! How many one-armed guitarists do you know? Tony has an incredible story that, once you hear his music, will compel and require you to pass it on.

Thanks for reading. :)

Take care,

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